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January 24 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Session 1: Introduction to QA – FREE CLASS OF 4 HOURS ON 24th JAN (Friday) FROM 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM CST:
– Introduction to Quality Assurance
– Role of a QA
– Can it be outsourced?
– Essential Skills Required?
– What is Client Server Architecture?
– What is 3-tier Architecture?
– What is N-tier Architecture?
– What is an Intranet / Internet?
– Stages of Software Development Life Cycle
– Stages of Test Development Life Cycle.
– What is Unit Testing?
– What is Integration Testing?
– What is Black Box Testing?
– What is Functional Testing?
– What is System Testing?
– What is White Box Testing?
– What is Regression Testing?
– What is Automation Testing?
– What is Positive Testing?
– What is Negative Testing?
– What is Performance Testing?
– What is Load Testing?
– What is Stress Testing?
– What is Disaster Recovery Testing?

Session 2: Manual Testing and Testing Strategy – Regular Classes starts on 25th JAN (Saturday) at 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
– What is a Use Case?
– What is a Business Requirement Document?
– What is a Test Case?
– How to write Test Cases?
– 1st Lab Exercise on writing Manual Test Cases.
– How to Execute Testing?
– What are Defects / Bugs?
– What is the Defect Life Cycle?
– What are Priorities?
– What is Severity?
– What are different types of Status?
– How to take snapshot?
– 2nd Lab Exercise on writing and assigning Defects in Excel.
– What is a Test Plan?
– What are the contents of a Test Plan?
– Sample Test Plan / Test Strategy – Real Project

Session 3: Automation Testing, QuickTest Pro (QTP), HP Unified Functional Testing(UFT), Advance QTP/UFT – 26th JAN (Sunday) FROM 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM CST
– What is QTP?
– How to record a script in QTP?
– How to replay script in QTP?
– 3rd Lab Exercise on recording and replaying a script in QTP.
– What are checkpoints?
– How to Add Checkpoints?
– What is an Object?
– What is a property?
– What is a Value?
– What is VB Script?
– What is a Light weight language?
– 4th Lab Exercise on Checkpoints
– How many type of checkpoints are there?
– What is static data?
– What is Standard Checkpoint?
– What is Bitmap Checkpoint?
– What is Text Checkpoint?
– What is Keyword View?
– What is Action?
– What is Expert View?
– What is Global sheet?
– What is variable data?
– What is Parameterization?
– How to do Parameterization?
– How do I get data?
– 5th Lab Exercise on Parameterization
– What is Object Repository?
– How to fix a broken script in VBScript?
– 7th Lab Exercise on fixing a broken script in QTP

Session 4: ADVANCE Automation Testing using Selenium API
– What is Selenium?
– What are the versions of Selenium?
– What is Selenium IDE?
– What is Selenium RC?
– What is Selenium Webdriver?
– What is Selenium Grid?
– How to Setup Selenium Environment?
– How to Record and Playback a script in Selenium?
– 8th Lab Exercise on Selenium to record and playback and create Selenium script
– What are Locators?
– What are different Locators like name, xpath, cssSelector?
– What is Firebug Firepath in Selenium?
– What is Page Object Model in Selenium?
– 9th Lab Exercise on using Locators to run Selenium Scripts
– How to add checkpoints in Selenium?
– 10th Lab Exercise on adding checkpoints in Selenium
– How to do Parameterization in Selenium?
– 11th Lab Exercise doing Parameterization using Selenium
– What is Data Driven Framework in Selenium?
– What is Keyword Driven Framework in Selenium?
– 12th Demo of Different Frameworks
– What is TestNG Framework?
– How to run multiple test cases in Parallel?
– How to do cross browser testing by running test cases with Different browsers with Parallel execution?
– 13th Lab Exercise of running test cases parallel in different browsers using Selenium / TestNG Framework

Session 5: Requirements Management, Business Process Testing and Defects Management
• What is Quality Center / Test Director / ALM?
• What is the difference between Test Director and Quality Center?
• What are the versions of Test Director/ Quality Center
• What is Site Admin in Quality Center?
• What is a Domain?
• How to create a Domain?
• How to create a Project in Quality Center?
• How to create users in Site Admin Module?
• How to assign users to the project in Site Admin Module?
• 7th Lab Exercise on Quality Center, Site Admin Module.
• How to define requirements in Quality Center?
• How to define child requirements in Quality Center?
• 8th Lab Exercise on writing Requirement in Quality Center.
• What is Test Plan in Quality Center?
• How to write Test Cases in Quality Center?
• How to assign Test Cases to Requirements?
• 9th Lab Exercise on writing Test Cases in Quality Center.
• What is Test Lab?
• How to execute Test Cases in Quality Center?
• 10th Lab Exercise on executing Test Cases in Quality Center.
• How to Create Defects in Quality Center?
• How to assign Priority in Quality Center?
• How to take a snapshot in Quality Center?
• How to assign Test Cases to Defects
• 11th Lab Exercise on Creating and Assigning Defects
• How Quality Center is equivalent to JIRA, BugZilla, TeamTrack, Rational Clearquest.

Session 6: Database Testing, Backend Testing, SQL
– What is a Database?
– What is a Table?
– What is Primary Key?
– What is Foreign Key?
– What is a Select Statement?
– What are Insert, Update, and Delete Statements?
– What are SQL, TSQL, and PL/SQL?
– What is Primary Key?
– What is Foreign Key?
– What is DDL?
– What is DML?
– What is Oracle?
– What are the versions of Oracle?
– What is SQL Server?
– What are the versions of SQL Server?
– What is Database testing?
– 19th Lab Exercise on Database Testing
– What is Agile Testing?
– What is Role of Scrum Master, Product Owner?
– What are Sprint Ceremonies

Session 7: Resume Preparation and Mock Interview
– Resume Preparation Tips
– Sample Resumes
– Sample Interview Questions on QTP.
– How to clear an Interview?
– How to build confidence?
– How to crack a QA Interview?
– Mock Interview

Training Location:
The training location is 4099 McEwen Rd, Suite 345, Dallas, TX 75244 (Farmers Branch)


January 24
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Dallas, TX