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Kanban Management Professional Certification / KMP II

April 19 @ 9:00 am - April 20 @ 5:00 pm

$930 – $1850
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KMP Certification

If you have any questions, please contact: Kevin – 1972-891-8377

KMP I (Kanban System Design) – Class Timings 

Day 1: 30th April, Saturday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST 

Day 2: 1st May, Sunday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST

KMP II (Kanban System Improvement) – Class Timings 

Day 1: 7th May, Saturday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST 

Day 2: 8th May, Sunday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST

If you have any questions, please contact: Kevin – 1972-891-8377

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  • Select your Company, Trainer, Mentor, and Coach Wisely.

Remote Classes / Live Online class / Face to Face Virtual Online Training
In response to concerns around COVID-19 and in an effort to keep our students, our customers, and our trainers safe, we will be also offering remote delivery (Live Online classes) for our courses.

Qualistik will bring the same experience, service, quality, knowledge remotely while keeping you safe. You can check our Linkedin profile www.linkedin.com/in/qualistik and www.linkedin.com/in/rns2010 and see the recommendations section to see what our past students have to say about our services.

With the remote delivery option, we make sure the class is of perfect size, and students and trainers are able to interact with each other face to face. You will be able to ask any questions/queries during this online class, the same way you ask in the live classroom setting.

The student should be in a quiet room, laptop with Audio and Video capability in order to attend this unique remote training. We are here to support your journey as your partner for success!

How to select your Training Partner for your Agile, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe Certification needs.

Q. How is Qualistik different compare to other companies?
There are 8 reasons why Qualistik stands out in comparison to other companies
100% Success Rate: Our Students have a 100% success rate on passing the certification exam at first attempt.
5000+ Students: Qualistik is been in business since 2011 in Texas and have trained more than 5000+ students.
Repeat Customers: 70% of our classes are filled by repeat customers, showing the quality of our service that we provide to our students.
One-stop-shop: Qualistik is the only company in Texas that is a one-stop-shop for all of your training and certification needs. If you do your research, you’ll see that Qualistik is the only company that provides all the training on a regular basis with substantial discounts for loyal students and companies that select Qualistik as their preferred training provider for SAFe and Kanba certification.
Dedicated experienced Trainers: Most of the companies that provide training, their trainers are not even in the US and have little to limited experience on SAFe and Kanban implementations. Most of the trainers are working with multiple companies at the same time, so if they don’t have enough students, and will end up canceling the class most of the time at the last minute. You end up back in the market searching for your certification needs, affecting your timeline to become certified as well.
After Training support: Qualistik Instructors are invested in your success. Our Instructors will provide after-training support, to help you clear any doubts before taking the exam so you have peace of mind. This is rare in the field and unlike other trainers who are done after the two-day workshop and not interested in your success as they have already received their fees.
Historical data: Qualistik is the only company that hasn’t canceled any of our classes in the past year.
Charitable Contributions: Along with providing you outstanding training, Qualistik believes in giving back to the community and gives 5% of its gross revenue to nonprofit charitable organizations in the Texas area.

Q. How are Qualistik trainers different than others?
We have three major differentiators.
100% Dedicated for your success: Qualistik trainers are Full-time employees of Qualistik and they are 100% dedicated to the Qualistik. After the training you have taken, you will be able to get support from the instructor before you attempt your exams. Most other companies that provide certifications are contractors and not local to Dallas, TX. They travel from outside of the city and are only available for those two days of the class, and then fly back to their home town.
Real world experience:Qualistik trainers are 100% hands-on, supporting multiple SAFe Transformations in the Dallas area. They have long years of experience and can give you real examples that click very easily, compared to other part-time instructors who only have theoretical experience and work full-time jobs in different fields.
Linkedin Recommendations:Please take a moment to check LinkedIn profile (www.linkedin.com/in/qualistik) and see the recommendations section, you will see endorsement and recommendations from world-leading companies leaders about the knowledge and experience of our Instructors.

Q. What are the customer loyalty programs of Qualistik?
Customer Loyalty Program: Qualistik is very big on customer loyalty, and we believe strongly that we can only be successful if our clients are successful. Our Loyalty program is the best in the market for customers who take multiple trainings from us and in some instances we have provided FREE certifications to lot of our students because of their commitment to Qualistik.

Q. I am looking to change my job. Do you offer help?
Linkedin Top 3% Applicant: If you are between jobs, and need help in resume prep, interview tips, and getting more interviews, we offer a complimentary session as part of the Customer Loyalty Program. This will help you become the Top 3% applicant on Linkedin so the right company and hiring managers are considering you for the right opportunity.

Q. How do I attend a complimentary session to become a Top 3% Candidate?
A. Your instructor will explain to you at the end of your second day on how you become eligible to attend the complimentary class once you attend the Qualistik training.

Q. Do you offer group discount if more than 1 of us is joining our company at the same time, do we get a discount.
A. YES! Please contact us to get a Group discount!

Q. Is there an additional cost for training materials?
A. NO. The cost of materials is included with the registration fee. 🙂

Q. When will I get an online Zoom link to join the Online Remote class?
A. We share the Zoom link to the students 30 minutes before the class starts, every day.

Q. When will I get a training material or Digital Workbook?
A. We will be sharing the Digital Workbook 1 day before the class starts, we don’t expect you to go thru any training material before the class starts, as your Coach / Trainer will guide you thru the process step by step.

Trusted by world’s leading companies / Qualistik clients:

Airlines: American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines

Auto: Mercedes Benz, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler Capital (Santander Consumer USA), GM

BIG 4 Management Consulting: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, KPMG

Top Tier Consulting Firms: IBM, Accenture, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, L&T Infotech, Tech Mahindra, CGI, Teksystems, Randstad, Marlabs

Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard

Finance: Charles Schwabb, Citigroup, LSTA

Food & Grocery: C&S Worldwide

Video Games: Gamestop, International Game Technology

Energy: Clarios (Former Johnson Controls)

Government: US Air Force, Lockheed Martin

Healthcare:  CVS Caremark, Anthem, HCSC, AbleTo

Home & Business Internet: Comcast, Century Link

Bank: Federal Reserve Bank

Insurance: USAA, State Farm

Real Estate: CBRE

Logistics: Expeditors

Oil and Gas: ExxonMobil, Shell

Security: ADT, Johnson Controls, Milcorp

Software: Oracle, Appical, Prolifics, ICS

Telecom & Communications: ATT, Verizon, West(Intrado), Amdocs

Travel: cxLoyalty

eCommerce: LiveArea (A PFSWeb Inc)</strong

A Purpose of Kanban Management Professional (KMP II) Certification:

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) is a two-day class and is designed for managers (technical or non-technical) as well as individual contributors and anyone wanting to continuously improve his or her organization to reach outcomes and capabilities such as:

  • Relief your organization from overburdening

  • Increase transparency, Trust and work satisfaction.

  • More Satisfied Customer and Employees

  • Improved and more Predictable Service Delivery

  • Higher enterprise and business agility

  • Improved workforce flexibility

  • More organizational congruence

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) follows the Kanban System Design (KSD) class; which is a 2-day class designed to teach participants:

  •  The core practices and principles of Kanban Method,

  • Foundations of service design and service management;

  • Practical, actionable and evidence-based guidance on how to use Kanban to catalyze improvement with minimum resistance to change.

Equipped with this guidance from KSD and KMP classes, you will be able to reach all the outcomes mentioned above and more. After KSD and KMP classes

  • You will become a better manager,

  • and if you are an individual contributor, you will be able to influence your organization with ease to continuously make it a better place.

What will you receive?
• Exclusively Licensed Course Materials for Your Future Reference from Kanban University (KU)
Kanban Management Professional II (KMPII) Badge and Certificate from Kanban University (KU)
Lifetime Membership from the Kanban University (KU) with a Dashboard along with User ID and Password.


  • Attendees are expected to have read the Kanban book by David J Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.

  • Prior completion of a Kanban System Design (KSD/ KMPi), or a Kanban University Introductory Level course such as Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) course, is highly recommended.

  • Completion of a Kanban System Design (KSD/ KMPi) course is required to achieve the KMP Credential.

  • This class is for people who currently use a Kanban system, or have prior experience with Kanban, or who are in the KMP training series currently, and/or who have consulting clients who use Kanban.

Who Should Attend

Kanban method is for all people who are in the knowledge and creative work domain and in the service business. Especially those who manage these businesses.

Managers: C-Level executives, Directors, Business Unit Managers, People Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Technical Directors, Heads of PMO, Heads of Product.

Individual Contributors: Software Engineers, QA Specialists, Release Managers, Project Managers, Portfolio or Program Managers, Project Governance auditors and process engineers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Product Managers.


Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises, games, and simulations. They are designed in a way that you can put what you learn in use immediately after the class.

Day 1:

  • Why the Kanban method? (the motivation)

  • Basic Approaches to Kanban

  • Evolutionary Change (An Enterprise-level Case Study)

  • Handling emotional objection to WIP Limit

  • The Kanban method and its value System

  • Kanban for the Enterprise: Service Orientation, Scaling and Upstream

  • Are customers satisfied? Are we improving the right thing?

  • Doing the right thing, Working on the right thing, making things better (Feedback loops)

  • Commitment and replenishment in-depth

Day 2:

  • Communication flow for business agility

  • Implementing organizational feedback loops with Kanban cadences, such as service delivery reviews, operation reviews, and risk reviews

  • Managing sources of delay caused dependencies and variability

  • Models for improvement: measuring performance, disruption and dependencies, bottlenecks, overhead and inefficiencies

  • Managing Evolutionary Change

Training Location: Remote online –  Zoom link will be shared
Kanban Certification

Kanban Certification


April 19 @ 9:00 am
April 20 @ 5:00 pm
$930 – $1850
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