Why Automation Testing in Dallas is Important?

Automation Testing in Dallas

Automation Testing was nice to have decade ago but now, in this fast moving technological era, every organization finds it difficult and challenging to cope up with efficiency and quality. Every website that is being developed needs to be tested with 700 Cross Browser / Cross Platform (Mobile / Tablet / PC) to verify that the functionality is working fine. This type of testing coverage is not possible with manual testing. The software development cycle remains incomplete without these two traits. This is why QA managers hunt for candidates who are smart automation testers. When compared against many other software domains, automation testing has grown in leaps and bounds. This is because automated testing can avoid the following issues:

  • Automation testing gets rid of poor test execution cycle.
  • Automation testing is capable of speeding up tests and more coverage for cross browser and cross platform.
  • Subsequent test maintenance becomes easier and efficient with automation testing.
  • It doesn’t underestimate the effort and time required to generate test cases.

The development process becomes transparent and much better with the help of test automation. Generally, the automation of tests is bonded with improved effort and benefits that can be seen within few short weeks. Thus, if you have automation testing as a skill in your profile, you will certainly find favor in the eyes of QA managers.

Automation & Agile

Agile environments require the assistance of automated tests for many reasons. These tests are cost effective and fast. In fact, the idea of testing frequently becomes easy with the help of automated testing. As a result, products can be maintained in the longer run. Meanwhile, agile environments are open to change. Making small changes in manual testing scenarios is easy said than done. This is when automation becomes handy. New test cases can be generated and existing ones can be modified with very little effort. To be more precise, the changes can be done in parallel with the phases of software development!

Automation & Quality

Four important factors that daunt QA managers would be speed, quality, decrease in cost and efficiency. And, the prime goal of any software development cycle would be timely releases with every solution being tested fully. Automated regression testing ensures this! It adds functionalities to the existing product periodically and checks for both functionality and stability. End of the day, the QA manager doesn’t have to worry about the quality or performance of the product delivered which can be compatible with 700+ Cross browser and cross platform..

Small tweaks and bugs in the product-to-be-delivered, can be found easily through automation testing (not that it won’t be found in manual testing). However, regressions become a lot more flawless with automation!