Online BA classes versus Online QA classes!

Online BA classes versus Online QA classes

Online BA classes versus Online QA classes!

Are you confused, which career to select in IT? Do you want to select the right career path for your career goal? The job market for business analysts and quality assurance specialists has increased remarkably over the past few years in US. More and more job vacancies have appeared for candidates who wish to enroll into an Online BA class or Online QA class. With this being said, would you prefer being a business analyst or quality assurance analyst, which ultimately transpires in becoming a Program Manager or SQA Director? According to experts, these are two distinct worlds with dissimilar features and benefits. The thin line between these fields must be analyzed carefully, before you enroll into an online BA class or online QA class.

Who are BAs?

“A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge” states that Business analyst covers a wide range of tasks. They are trained to take care of chores handled by professionals like business intelligence analyst, systems analyst, project management, business architect, enterprise analyst, product owner, data scientist and requirements engineer. They are expected to possess strong business analysis skills to reach high levels of success.

According to experts, Business analysts are open to change and must offer business oriented help to clients. They are trained to approach and handle change in a strategic manner. Regardless of whether the organization is profitable or not, business analysts should focus on a better business and client satisfaction. As a result, they don’t require too much IT technical background. They are like Seasoned Sales people who are friendly, approachable, and who are expected to think of ways that can please clients. Before you opt and pay for an Online BA class, make sure you know what a business analyst does by attending a FREE Class on Business analyst to see if it is something that suits your career journey. Generally, business analysts must identify and articulate the actual need for flexibility/change in an organization. Most Online BA classes train candidates on how to define solutions that would deliver more value to stakeholders in different domains like telecom, insurance, finance and medical. However, to be in the safe side you should select a training company that will help you learn 2 or 3 domains for better job prospects.

Who are QAs?

On the other hand, Quality assurance professionals serve a different set of objectives. Their role is different because they are advocates of business. They verify if the software is working as expected and also that it is not broken. Any online QA class will state what the professionals must do to advise business systems and develop management units doing manual testing but now a days Automation Testing using HP QTP and HP ALM / QC and HP LoadRunner is key in the eyes of a Hiring Managers, to help reduce the cost of QA cycle. Quality Assurance resources are expected to have knowledge on business systems and stern analytical skills (they should think like a user). To help with this, an Online QA class will train you on how to propose both pragmatic and practical solutions.

The need of Quality Assurance specialists depends on the company. However, three points you should keep in mind to get trained in all online QA classes.

  • You should learn how to do Manual Testing, Agile Testing, TDLC, STLC, SDLC, Test Cases, and Defect Management.
  • Master Test Management Tools like HP ALM / QC, Jira, Bugzilla, to provision information on quality management systems, regulations and requirements.
  • Must learn automation tool like HP QTP/UFT, Automation Framework, HP LoadRunner, Mobile Testing which falls in line with client side facing applications and rich user experience.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, BA and QA are two different yet dependent roles. You must weigh your strengths and weaknesses before enrolling in an online BA class or online QA class.