How to Select an Online QA and BA Training Company?

Online QA and BA Training Company

In this competitive arena, it is quite difficult to choose good online training companies for Business Analysis and Quality Assurance. This is because there is a huge array of service providers with many enticing offerings. Luckily, careful analysis and narrow needs will help you decide on an ideal QA and BA training provider. The ultimate goal of any BA training or QA training would be job placement and it starts from selecting the right company.

Here are few points to be considered while selecting an online training company for BA and QA.

Trait #1 – Legally Approved or Company Endorsements

First of all, you must make sure the training company is not handled by an individual trainer who wishes to teach BA or QA as a source of part time income. Legit trainers or institutes are endorsed by big companies like HP, Microsoft and IBM. If an Online BA class or Online QA class is not certified by a recognized organization, there must be a reason behind this. Try to identify these reasons or search for a reputed training company and not an individual trainer. Always remember that a qualified trainer will make you feel comfortable.

Trait #2 – Freedom

Are you a fast learner? Do you love to read slow and write more? Or, are you hunting for classroom-type training sessions with many like-minded candidates? When it comes to learning, everyone is different. Thus, you must pick an online training company with options that best suite you! Most students search for training sessions that fall in line with their lifestyle and schedule; however the right way would be to focus on job oriented training program. Above all, the search has to be committed to the discipline of schedule, timings, homework and short team goals that can ensure success in IT. Always remember that there is no use in enrolling for a course where you are looking for freedom and not willing to compromise on small things for a bigger reward.

Trait #3 – Cost

A very important factor that differentiates online training companies would be “Cost”. This is a major determinant that will bring down your list of training providers. Some providers tend to offer amazing discounts and negotiable deals but they may compromise on the curriculum and teach not-so-essential subjects. Likewise, the training may comprise of instructors, who have been offshore and who never worked in US. Such instructors can teach only theoretical and no practical tactics. So, make up your mind if you want a paid Online BA class or Online QA class and ask the training company to teach 4 FREE hours. This will help you evaluate and justify the cost.

Trait #4 – US based instructor vs offshore based instructor   

You might find lots of trainers and institutes who charge very little money, but if you are looking for a job oriented course, you need a mentor who is from US and with plethora knowledge in that subject. If you have an offshore based instructor, you are certainly throwing away your money, since the trainer might be theoretically good but he/she will not be able to train you on how the US based IT projects work in Fortune 500 companies or even in the smaller ones.

Trait #5 – YouTube Videos / Pre-recorded classes vs Instructor Led Online Training.

We are in the world of YouTube where you can find tons of free information on Business Analysis and Quality Assurance. These pre-recorded videos will be very good for information and research needs but if you want to make serious progress in IT, you should go for Instructor led online training. Instructor based online training programs stimulate a virtual classroom with at least 10 students who can listen and talk to the instructor. In case they don’t understand the topic, they can stop their instructor too! The only difference between instructor led online training and in person classroom training from Qualistik or reputed training company is that you can’t see the instructor’s face; but you can listen, chat, interact and clear doubts instead of muted sessions.


Trait #6 – PowerPoint Presentations vs Hands on Lab Exercise / Workshop:

One of the main traits where student fall in a trap would be with PowerPoint presentations. Students who are looking for online classes, should make sure the training provider offers 100% hands on lab exercises and good workshops. Lots of training providers complete the entire session with PowerPoint slides. As a result, students remain unable to perform any job oriented tasks (presentations) in the real world.

Trait #7 – Reputation

Reputation plays an integral role while selecting online training companies for Online BA class or Online QA class. Study more about the company’s reputation amongst potential past students.

Trait #8 – Quality

Sometimes, you should find and filter training companies based on the instructor’s aptitude. Certain companies have instructors with a decade of experience in this field. Business Analysis and Quality Assurance are professional courses that must be tackled by experts. The instructor’s experience plays a vital role in what you learn, as they can give you real world examples and how to handle them.

Trait #9 – Value

Finally, be aware of the Online BA class or Online QA class content discussed by the online training company. The trainer should have discreet objectives and modules with plenty of content. After all, the course should kick start your business career.