Can Non-IT Professionals be a BA or QA Professionals?

BA or QA Professionals

I don’t have any experience in IT or degree in IT, Can I still pursue career in IT as a Business Analyst or Software Quality Assurance professionals?

Are you having this question all the time?

The IT industry has offered many glamorous career options to budding job seekers. There are more than 120K+ job openings in the challenging IT field. And, a lot of people wish to jump into this lucrative industry even without an Education Degree or IT background. Two promising fields with plenty of technological inclination would be QA and BA. Conversely, do you think you can pursue a career in Business Analysis or Quality Assurance without any background in IT? According to experts, the answer is predominantly positive. Yes, you can be a QA or BA without a standing degree in IT and there are lots of success stories.

Five Critical Pointers

Here are five important pointers that will let you jump into BA and QA from a non-IT background.

  • First of all, you must understand why you wish to step into QA and BA from a non-IT background. To be more precise, search your soul and know if you are passionate about software testing or Business Analysis. Sooner or later, you must explain the reason behind your shift. Thus, start with this question to stay safe.
  • Secondly, you must learn more about the market. Thorough market research will save you from going jobless or bankrupt. Forums and online job portals will aid you in finding news about the most recent opening and requirements for Business analysts and quality assurance professionals.
  • Shifting from non-IT background to a career in BA or QA can be very tacky. Hence, get a taste of it! As mentioned previously, there are plenty of information out there to help you understand about the industry. Check if you have the aptitude and mind-set to be a BA or QA by attending a FREE class on BA or Free Class on QA to see you are able to understand the topic and this is something you believe you can do.
  • Once you make your mind, start training on BA or QA. Even if you are a great self-learner, go for professional courses and acquire help from experts. Online BA classes and online QA classes will set you in the right track. Start with a single skill and widen your horizon slowly. Do justice to the course by learning it from skilled minds. Remember that there is no shortcut to this step.
  • IT or not, try to get certified from reputed training companies. Invest some money, time and plenty of effort to be a certified BA or QA professional. You can provide this certificate when applying for a job and your resume will stand out in the job market. This way you will qualify for the bigger world in-front of you.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, you can pursue a career in QA or BA even without prior knowledge in IT! All that it needs is some enthusiasm and sincere effort.